Final journal for ojt

Lack of idea to be used for the layout because the church do not have and existing system to be used as a reference. Asked our supervisor for an advise with regards to the color scheme that is appropriate to the system.

Final journal for ojt

So, what are the contents of a weekly journal? Generally, there are 7 main points that need to be highlighted: Problem - What are the problems that a teacher face for a particular week during practicum?

Analysis - Why do the problems occur? Suggestions for Improvement - How to overcome the problems?

Final journal for ojt

Duration - How long does it need to resolve the problems? Further Action - What else can the teacher do overcome the problems? How does the problems become beneficial to the teacher?

It is not compulsory to write a journal using the above method.

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You may download the files from the link given. Weekly Journal Example 1. To download click this link: Week 1 Problem The long most awaited week has finally come. The practicum week has at long last commenced.

My supervising lecturer, Dr. Sharmini Ghanaguru, had kindly come by for a social visit on Monday this week to meet up with me and my cooperating teacher, Pn. Wan Rose Azian, and to discuss important matters that need to be done during the practicum weeks.

Sharmini has been very motivating and reassuring, I cannot stop but feeling a strong apprehension in my mind whenever I come to think about my duty during practicum and the observation that will be done by my lecturer and my cooperating teacher. Will I be able to meet their expectations?

Will I be able to carry out what I have planned successfully? How will the students react to my teaching and learning activity? I was so worried and keep thinking whether or not I could balance my time to carry out the never-ending school workload that I am shouldering, to execute my practicum duty and also to give an unconditional attention to my family especially to my two year-old daughter.

Having a good rest can no longer fits into my tight schedule. Honestly, it is hard. The pressure is intensifying. Analysis The problem may arise due to the lack of mental and physical preparation in facing all the obstacles to meet my vision of becoming a great teacher with exceptional personality.

With little experience that I have, I knew that I need to make a lot of effort to uncover the myriad of knowledge in this wide world. I could learn from the dedicated and enthusiastic lecturers of IPBA, or from the senior English teachers in SAMBBST who are always ready to lend their hands, or just from anybody or any sources that could assist me in strengthening my journey towards building my career as a teacher.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that my lecturers in IPBA have been a great mind opener by working diligently to relay and to share their knowledge in making a skillful teacher out of their students including me. They have also been a remarkable source of motivation.

Hence, it is up to us to never giving up our effort by applying what have been learnt using our own creativity to uphold the teaching and learning method devised the Ministry of Education.My On The Job Training Journal November 13, My First Day on my practicum was they introduce me to my Boss and Supervisors.

The start of my OJT was on November 13 but I still came on November 11 because during our Orientation on November 4 my boss asked me if I could start on that day, I refused because I was not yet enrolled and it is still not counted on my hours.

Filled-up or updated journal Submission of a case study report about the OJT host company on or before the scheduled final examination date & duly signed by the OJT supervisor Submission of evaluation form & certificate of completion on or before the final exam schedule.

one-page learning experience. requirements Submission of periodic. Final Report. Stephenson, Robert W.; Burkett, James R. A systems analysis of the Air Force On-the-Job-Training (OJT) System was conducted to describe its operation, structure, requirements, and functions, and to develop new or improved methods and alternatives for evaluating the effectiveness of OJT . covers the latest news in South Jersey including Cumberland, Atlantic & Gloucester Counties along with regional coverage of New Jersey. W Internship Journal and Refection Paper Tips EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Learning theorists, like David Kolb and Donald Schon, point to the conclusion that practical experience followed by reflection is a necessary component in completing the cycle of learning.

Ojt Diary 1. January 6, January 8, January 13, January 15, First day of my On-the-Job Training in Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), I was a little bit nervous because it was my 1st time and I don’t have any companion.

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