The view of war from a britishcanadian perspective

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The view of war from a britishcanadian perspective

Former Contributing Editor Warisboring. But for the serious reader this book is a treasure trove. He details his service in the army of South Vietnam, life as a veteran of the losing side in unified Vietnam and, ultimately, his emigration to the United States.

The boy quickly learned to distrust the French. He recalls atrocities and abuses by the French, including one French officer who kept a harem of Vietnamese girls who had been detained in raids.

He also recounts the rise to power of the Vietminh. But he eventually became disillusioned by their methods, particularly their purges of non-communist nationalist movements. He was under no illusion. He was also acutely aware that the army and government in Saigon were wracked with corruption.

In addition to fighting the communists, he and his compatriots waged an unending war on corruption in their own ranks. He trained with fellow East Asian soldiers, and together they explored American culture.

He was inspired by the freedoms Americans enjoyed and hoped that one day reformers like himself could bring some of that to his own beloved republic. But he also speaks of his discomfort in seeing how African Americans were treated around Ft Benning in Georgia.

Vietnam remained at war against the Khmer Rouge and the Chinese. He praises his enemies when he feels they acted bravely or justly. Ultimately he longs to see Vietnam and its people, both within its borders and throughout the diaspora, find some measure of peace and reconciliation.

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The view of war from a britishcanadian perspective

Support our efforts with a small donation. Subscribe to War is Boring: Give Kevin Knodell a round of applause. From a quick cheer to a standing ovation, clap to show how much you enjoyed this story.Top War Movies Shown From the Enemy's Perspective Share Flipboard Email Print TV & Film. Movies War Movies Best Movie Lists Comedies Science Fiction Classics International This is a film that's important because we've re-written history to view America's entry into the war as the deciding factor of the war, turning the tide against Hitler.

The propaganda war was going badly for the British, until a little talked about battle between a piquet of 50 redcoats commanded by 17 year old Lt John Moore while trying to defend a group of Loyalist refugees at Penobscot Maine and Bostonian rebels that arrived in their 40 ships.

The battle ended disastrously for the rebels with only one of . Jun 14,  · The exhibition at the Canadian War Museum reveals that the answer to this question depends on perspective.

The exhibition takes a unique approach, exploring the war through the eyes of the four main participants: Canadians (including Canadian First Peoples), Americans, the British, and Native Americans.

The British View the War of Quite Differently Than Americans Do The star-spangled war confirmed independence for the United States.

But for Great Britain, it was a betrayal. Experience the War of on-line from the perspective of each of its major participants – Americans, the British, Canadians, including Canadian First Peoples, and Native Americans.

Using historic objects and images, this virtual exhibition let's you draw your own conclusions and share your own perspective on a major historical event.

What is the Christian perspective on war? Phillip Jensen Page 1 of 2. It was one of the first men to use total war, American Civil War General William Sherman, who used to say, "War .

The view of war from a britishcanadian perspective