Timber frame construction

We are a small company, and will continue to remain so. This allows us to provide close, individual attention to each and every project, one project at a time. We do what we do because we love what we do.

Timber frame construction

When we built our timber frame home, we made every effort to work with reclaimed, recycled, reused, repurposed, and re-just about anything materials. It was important that our home felt old while living new. One of the choices we made was to buy a washer-dryer combination that was energy efficient and let us put clothes in to wash and take them out of the same machine dry and ready to fold or hang.

There were several models on the market and we decided that the LG unit would serve us best. Now, we thought we were onto something unique and new. We loved the concept of no washer to dryer switch and no moldy smelling clothes if we forgot to switch them. And today, we still love our washer-dryer.

It serves us well and fits well into the laundry closet we designed into our home. Timber frames allow for lots of flexibility in room placement, so our laundry space is tucked off of a hallway, accessible to the bedroom and bath.

And now, the surprise for us. So old is new again in our timber frame home. And we are loving it.

Timber frame construction

Washing, drying, now if someone will just invent a machine that folds clothes. See you soon, Bonnie Pickartz.Anyone who considers using a structural timber frame will probably want to compare it to the alternatives, principally brick and block construction in Ireland.

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Vermont Timber Works creates beautiful timber frames with quality, collaboration, experience, craft, and sustainability. Our frames are cut with solar power using today’s technology coupled with yesterday’s time tested traditions.

Every Timber Frame we construct is designed in-house and handmade by our experienced craftspeople to the . Brewster Timber Frame Company is located in the foothills just west of Fort Collins in Bellvue, Colorado.

We provide affordable, top quality timber and log construction services to the Colorado front range area and beyond. Wexford Timber Frame Homes is a leading, experienced timber frame manufacturer for the private domestic and self-build market.

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Based in Co. Wexford, serving . The UKTFA is currently the country’s leading timber organisation, which represents a wide membership of businesses and people involved in construction using engineered timber, from across the UK.

Choose A Category Below Wexford Timber Frame Homes is a leading, experienced timber frame manufacturer for the private domestic and self-build market.

Goshen Timber Frames worked closely with Dale and Susan Parrott here in Franklin, North Carolina to design and build their timber frame home. Their first meeting was in when they purchased a beautiful mountain lot. As time to build drew near, the plans became reality and their new home was raised this winter.

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